Hi babies! We all know it's so hard not to crave for new things so today I'm sharing with you a short list of the latest things I...

Hi babies!
We all know it's so hard not to crave for new things so today I'm sharing with you a short list of the latest things I've just FALLEN in love with from my beloved online shop Missrebel (their prices and cutness probably have the biggest influence on the fact that I love it so much).
I've tried not to choose too many things but it's really hard to do so...

1. PINK DRESS - I've named it myself the 'FEEL LIKE BARBIE FOR A DAY' dress, and I swear you it's one of my biggest craves right now. Isn't it stunningly sweet?
2. BLACK SEQUIN HEART SWEATSHIRT - Well, maybe it has also happened to you, but this sweatshirt has my heart stolen. I really need it inside my wardrobe (as happened with this one)
3. ROLL NECK JUMPER - If you need and extra 'angelical' touch to your look, this is your jumper for sure.
4. BLACK AND WHITE CARDIGAN - Stylish as hell and looks like it has to be really comfy and warm, will you try it? I will!

1. BLACK JUMPSUIT - Oh my god you all know I'm freakingly in love with all jumpers and this one couldn't be less that the rest. Looks very stylish even though it has nothing else than a belt. The best mate for a dinner night out with your besties or boyfriend.
2. BURGUNDY ONESIE - The sweeeeeetest pajamas on erath (and comfy), since I was a child I haven't had one, don't you think it's time for me to add them on my pajamas collection yet?
3. BLACK AND GOLD JUMPSUIT - No words, just love!
4. STRIPED CROP JUMPER - A "sorry not sorry" kind of jumper, I just like it.

1.  WINE P.U SKINNY FIT JEAN - Don't know what to say about them, though they are just a pair of trousers their attittude says everything.
2. BLACK PADDED JACKET - "BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE, come here and put this supercute jacket on".
3. BLUE SKINNY FIT JEANS - Whoever says "I have enough jeans" is a liar, you can never have enough jeans, NEVER.
4. ORIGINAL 90'S LONG TOP - Any fashionista must love this 90's beauties.


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  1. Love whislist!

  2. Love the pink dress ­čĺľ


  3. Buena lista! Me quedo con el 4.

    Un besito.


  4. Great picks! Love them all.
    I wish you a happy new year!

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  5. Theres always things on the wishlist!!